What is “Spichka” (the Match) project? This is a project of new urban space implemented in the territory of the former Barnaul Silver Factory. It is time to reconsider its role for Barnaul. A historical monument should not be concealed from its citizens or conserved as a museum rare object; the urban life shallburst outhere again.

“Spichka”shall and must become an important centre that attractsthe Barnaul citizens. A multifunctional cultural center, an art space, a recreation area in the historic center of the city with a well-developed commercial infrastructure.“Spichka”shouldunitearchitects, designers, specialists ofIT, tourism and entertainmentwhocanvitalize an abandoned and deteriorating monument of industrial architecture.

“Spichka” will be attractive to the tourists and becomea venue for festivals, open-airs, exhibitions, conferences and other events. We shall not forget the history preserved here, but we shalladapt a memorable and an important place of the city to its present-day needs.

“Spichka” is not only a project of public space in theterritory of the old factory, but also a site dedicated to architecture, design and urban environment. And we will tell you how to make this space better, and why Barnaul needs it so much.

DanilChurilov, Chief Editor of “The Capitalist” business magazine